Schönwald makes professional porcelain history
1879 Johann Nicol Müller converts his saw mill in Schönwald into a porcelain factory – the two-kiln Schönwald Porcelain Factory is born.
1885 - 1896 seven further kilns are built. The workforce grows to 340 employees.
1888 Development of shape “Neukonisch”, individual pieces of which are still in our range.
1891 The Johann Nicol Müller company becomes a General Partnership (OHG) and is registered in
1894 as a Limited Partnership (KG).
1896 Death of the company founder. The company is taken over by his sons, Friedrich and Michael Müller.
1898 The company is converted to the “Aktiengesellschaft Porzellanfabrik Schönwald” (public limited company). Michael Müller departs in 1898, Friedrich Müller in 1904.
1927 Porzellanfabrik Schönwald AG is acquired by Porzellanfabrik Kahla/Thüringen, and continues to operate under the name of “Porzellanfabrik Schönwald, Zweigniederlassung (subsidiary of) der Porzellanfabrik Kahla”.
1936 Dr. Hermann Gretsch designs the hotel tableware Shape 98. For the first time in the history of porcelain, a full range of hotel tableware in a single service is launched on the market. This shape remains an important element of the product portfolio.
1940 Shape 98 is internationally recognised, receiving the Gold Medal at the 7th Milan Triennale.
1949 After Germany’s separation, the Kahla porcelain factory’s head office is moved to Schönwald.
1957 Schönwald’s Shape 511, which was designed by Heinrich Löffelhardt, wins the Gold Medal at the 11th Milan Triennale.
1959 Far-reaching modifications are made to the production facilities. Firing operations in the round kilns are abandoned and white porcelain manufacture is brought together in a single facility. The porcelain is now fired in three modern tunnel kilns.
1961 Shape 498 is awarded the “Premio Internazionale Vicenza”.
1970 Commissioning of the world’s first cup assembly line with integrated fast firing kiln for hotel porcelain.
1972 Merger with Hutschenreuther AG.
1973 Schönwald systemised tableware, Shape 2298, designed by Hans Theodor Baumann, is awarded the “Bundespreis Gute Form 73”, a West German design award.
1976 Schönwald porcelain is on board Lufthansa aircraft for the first time.
The newly built factory, which finally merges the previously separate production facilities, starts operations as one of the most modern and flexible porcelain factories in the world.
1986 Launch of the Demo Project, which uses groundbreaking new manufacturing technology for producing plates: A single-firing production process is linked with a logistically automated production workflow.
1987 With Donna, Schönwald introduces the first hotel porcelain designed by a woman – Ulrike Umlauf-Orrom. It has become one of the world's most successful porcelain shapes.
Schönwald adds hotel glass to its portfolio.
1992 The production area is further enlarged in the area of white porcelain manufacturing and decoration.
1998 Hutschenreuther AG changes its name to BHS tabletop AG, after selling its “household” brands.
2000 With the introduction of Adam D. Tihany’s PREMIERE shape, Schönwald for the first time presents a hotel porcelain concept in which porcelain, glass and stainless steel are coordinated with each other. The service receives both the iF design award and the red dot award.
Opening of a second showroom in Raunheim near Frankfurt.
2001 After making a double-digit million investment in BHS’s production facilities and undertaking a simultaneous segmentation, Schönwald’s products are now manufactured in one of the world’s most modern production facilities for hard porcelain.
2002 Commissioning of the new ultra-modern and highly automated Decoration and Logistics Centre.
The buffet collection Event, designed by Carsten Gollnick, receives the red dot award for outstanding design quality.
2003 With Generation, Schönwald launches a world innovation: the first ever cream-coloured hard porcelain (Duracream®).
Opening of a further showroom in Chemnitz.
2004 125 years of looking forward: Schönwald celebrates its 125th anniversary.
2006 The Signature Collection wins the if product design award.
2007 Schönwald’s show room is redesigned.
2008 The WellCome Collection wins the red dot award.
2009 Schönwald acquires a new fast-firing kiln with the latest energy efficient firing technology.
2010 Schönwald launches its collaboration with the well known glass manufacturer Axum Bohemia, and takes over the global sale of Axum glass products for the hospitality industry.
Installation of a new high-performance glazing facility on which processing of extra-large items can be automated.
2011 The Grace Collection receives the if product design award.
2014 SCHÖNWALD presents ALLURE, a faceted and filigree porcelain in BoneWhite, made of the innovative hard porcelain body, Noble China. The collection has been nominated for the innovation award 2015.
2015 German Design Award Special Mention 2016 for Schönwald's collection Allure
2016 The new Shabby chic décor concept thrills customers in the domestic and international markets alike.
For the third time in a row Schönwald is awarded the "Superpartner 2016" prize by the German dealer association.
2017 Schönwald distributes Playground, a new collection for trendy and exciting food presentations.
The new range Islands is awarded the Red Dot Award 2017 and nominated for the German Design Award 2018