shiro cells

Sehnsucht nach den endlosen Weiten Skandinaviens? Mit CELLS, in frischem Türkis oder warmen Grau zaubern Sie nordisch, frisches Ferienfeeling auf Ihren Tisch. Ein weiteres Plus: Die neuen Dekore sind 100% Spülmaschinenfest.   

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Shiro Cells Steam
Shiro Cells Steam
Shiro Cells Frost
Shiro Cells Frost

Floral decors in alternating stylised themes make emotional statements. At the same time, they recall the natural origin of the food. The delicate flower patterns retain their beauty and shine permanently. At an extremely high firing temperature, they permanently combine with the glaze, rendering them
resilient enough for the demands of gastronomy.



Raised or recessed embossing creates surprising effects. It
produces an extraordinary look and feel, with an enchanting
play of light and shadow. Modern decor techniques such as
sandblasting or embossing come into play here.


Items with special decorative features offer an attractive counterpoint to simple white plates. It is important they don't steal the show from the food presentation. SCHÖNWALD uses the very latest decoration techniques. One special approach used to finish porcelain is sandblasting. This allows the creation of a wide variety of motifs, producing a subtle yet visually powerful decorative impact. Some items are then vacuum metallized in gold or silver for a particularly special effect.


Natural slate was the inspiration for this authentic interpretation of foliated rock. Its porcelain counterpart replicates the delicate layers found in the original but is significantly stronger and can even be put in the dishwasher. Thanks to the high firing temperature when applying the decoration, the detail is absorbed into the glaze and remains as beautiful as it was on the day it was created.

The original natural stone has just one small drawback for the professional kitchen: hygiene. You are simply better off using decorated hard porcelain here. The decoration also has a matte appearance like the stone. Culinary creations in bold colours look particularly effective when presented on slate.

“The slate effect is really attractive; it is impressively robust and resistant to impact and it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear from cutlery. Our guests appreciate the way there is no distraction from the culinary experience: in contrast to natural stone, its porcelain counterpart has an impressively smooth surface with the same visual appearance.” Rolf Straubinger, Burg Staufeneck


Busy, urban life gives rise to the desire to get back to the roots. It is balanced by the longing for what is original, handmade. Rustic looks with ceramic delicacy are the answer to this trend, crafted with new finishing techniques.