Coffee tasting

Designer Carsten Gollnick has analysed what really distinguishes finest coffee moments and how to make coffee drinking even more enjoyable. His detailed findings have been incorporated in his COFFEE CODE. In the COFFEE TASTING collection, the rims of the cups have a particularly gentle inner contour so a delicate crema can be successfully created in the first place and retained for a long time. Even as the drink is poured into the cup, the crema is beautifully protected.


The optional COFFEE TATTOO applied to the porcelain cups is a stylish design feature with added functional characteristics. It indicates the thickness of the cup and also the maximum fill level to maintain the temperature profile, making it extremely useful for waiting staff. The cup number and name of the collection are also specified.

Like a stamped imprint for limited luxury items, it adds a special touch to the undecorated product.


Coffee culture is very important in Vietnam. By very, we mean VERY! And lots of great coffee options are available. Our favourite is the Vietnamese Iced Latte – which is white coffee served on ice. Unlike in Germany, however, this is not made using fresh milk but with thick, sweet condensed milk. It tastes sensational. Serve in a glass to enjoy the creamy texture at its best. Incidentally, SCHÖNWALD also supply a stylish metal filter for preparing the drink, and a glass straw.


More and more people are looking for a high-quality coffee experience and appreciate the expertise of their barista and the charm of a local roasting house. That is why many roasting businesses offer tasting sessions. Hard porcelain bowls that won’t impair the flavour are vital for such occasions. The COFFEE TASTING cupping bowls also meet the stringent standards of the SPECIALITY COFFEE ASSOCIATION.