The world of gastronomy is like a large mirror, reflecting significant societal issues and changes. Urbanisation, single society, travel, sustainability, veganism – current human experiences and aspirations influence the where, what and how of eating out – from the ambience to the culinary offering itself. With its diverse range of porcelain and other serving options, SCHÖNWALD helps restaurateurs and hoteliers identify a contemporary response to these trends that will enhance their profile. Any gastronomic style can be achieved: whether the aim is surprising and stimulating, or relaxed and casual, or a more traditional, romantic setting.


Increasingly in modern society, friendship groups are taking the place of family and long-term relationship structures. What hasn’t changed is the desire for familiar closeness, love and security. And this has shifted over into the restaurant domain. Long tables and the revival of generous bowls and platters facilitate conviviality, social interaction and a shared delight in culinary treats.

“We have no desire to replicate, we want to develop our own style.”

Florian August

Owner of the ELLA restaurant at the Lenbachhaus in Munich


People these days are very mobile. They eat in bars, hotels and trains. Although people like to enjoy their meals in peace, there is often only time for a hasty snack. Alongside the renaissance of regional cuisine, exotic fl avours are also taking the food scene by storm. To keep up with the multicultural diversity of food trends, SCHÖNWALD provides versatile porcelain collections which can perform a variety of duties at the dining table, depending on the role assigned to them by the chef.



From black & white to multi-coloured, there are limitless possibilities in terms of colour and decorative patterns for porcelain. Influences from interior design and fashion also have an impact on the decorative design. Current trends include all-over decoration with striking effects to emphasise each restaurateur’s individual concept. Styles vary from handcrafted, rustic effects to refined, artistic flourishes in the high-end designs. A combination of different decorative styles is also popular with the Mix & Match table setting options.