Basic ranges and highlights

Today’s chefs are slick culinary entertainers: guests should be just as excited about the table setting as they are about the gastronomic treats on offer. Stylish porcelain is the ideal choice here: it should be as durable as possible and offer a flexible setting for constantly changing culinary creations, while also conveying each establishment’s distinctive individual style.

To meet these exacting requirements, SCHÖNWALD has developed a wide choice of carefully designed BASIC RANGES which can be used as the basic components in any kitchen. These items can be individually configured in different ways, serving different roles at the table, depending on what is required. Currently in great demand are the striking HIGHLIGHTS. These solo pieces can be used to create a wonderful feature in conjunction with the basic ensemble.


Busy, urban life gives rise to the desire to get back to the roots. It is balanced by the longing for what is original, handmade. Rustic looks with ceramic delicacy are the answer to this trend, crafted with new finishing techniques.