the brand

It gets hot when professionals cook. Blazing heat, full concentration. Every move has to be right, every cog has to click into place. You need strong nerves, know-how and the right tools to produce a convincing performance – from your knives to the porcelain on which the food is presented. The guests don’t get to see this battle behind the scenes. They only savour the result. And firstly, it should appeal to their eyes – whether in a gourmet restaurant or in a canteen, at a stand-up reception or a festive banquet, in a hospital or on a Business Class flight. Only professional performance invites guests to enjoy.


SCHÖNWALD is leading the way as a trendsetter in the international catering scene. The brand prides itself on using an innovative, nonconformist approach to explore new ideas. Prestigious designers work with the company’s creativity centre to translate international food trends into irresistible products made from high-quality hard porcelain and delicate Noble China. Innovative designs are constantly created to suit changing culinary themes and styles of cooking, with manufacturing taking place in German production facilities in Upper Franconia and the Upper Palatinate.

SCHÖNWALD represents exceptional design. All new developments are characterised by a special creative authority. SCHÖNWALD products are distinctively simple and elegant, which makes the collections extremely durable. This stylistic understatement blends in with any ambience and allows items to be used flexibly for different table setting themes. True all-rounder – just as suitable for classic menu compositions as for casual, contemporary menus.



Manufacturing premium porcelain - Made in Germany - requires flawless product quality. This is only possible with constant pioneering work. Thanks to its consummate quality concept and exemplary full-service when it comes to customer advice, support and logistics, the SCHÖNWALD brand enjoys exceptional trust and loyalty from its customers all over the world.


Observing hygiene regulations has always played an extremely important role in hotels, restaurants and large-scale catering establishments. In times of Covid-19 this topic gets even more attention.

Due to the production process and the chemical composition hard porcelain has a virtually scratch and abrasion resistant, completely sealed hygienic surface. In addition the high firing temperature of more than 1.400 °C results in an extremely hard glaze, whose resistance to abrasion is superior to other materials like vitreous china, bone china or stoneware. Hard porcelain tableware is easy to clean and offers thus excellent hygienic properties because of its long lasting very smooth and non-adhesive glaze surface.

In contrast to open porous materials like stoneware for instance, porcelain with its low porosity offers the possibility to remove deposits of germs or bacteria easily and quickly, as they cannot “hide” in pores.

On top of that porcelain’s heat conductivity is low due to its density and mineralogical composition. Neither tempered glass nor metal can store prewarmed heat as long as porcelain. The formation of heat-sensitive viruses is curbed, whereas they would survive longer at lower temperatures.

It is not a coincidence that hard porcelain has always been the material predominantly used in food service, because durability and resistance are not the only characteristics that make hard porcelain the perfect choice for the hospitality industry.


Beside our responsibility to protect the environment, we are also conscious of our responsibility toward our company, our customers and suppliers and the community as a whole. For this reason, our company subscribes to the code of conduct of the German Association Materials Management, Purchasing ans Logistics (AMMPL). We comply with the rules and regulations of the corporate governance code.

In addition to this, we acknowledge our commitment to upholding human rights, maintaining all applicable standards with regard to working conditions and the rejection of all forms of corruption and bribery.

Corporate Responsibility

Since February 2012, our company has become the first company in the global porcelain industry to be certified under DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. This international standard, which regulates the introduction of energy management systems, attests to the great progress that our company has made in recent years im improving energy efficency. Our company has also been certified under DIN EN ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems.