New PLAYGROUND pieces for popular table trends

Stylish mix & matches with SCHÖNWALD collections

The highlights of the new PLAYGROUND catalogue present themselves with many different faces – ethereally light at times, some experimental, others massive and grounded. The product range supplies plenty of inspiration for striking table situations. Natural stone is transformed into trendy bowls, tin cans become cool street food containers, and glass towers deliver moments of surprise. The materials used include wood, leather, paper, ceramic, slate, marble, melamine, glass and metal. The trendily designed photo pages of the catalogue show not only creative tabletop products but also provide almost endless inspiration for food presentation. When mixed and matched with SCHÖNWALD’s diverse porcelain collections, one’s appetite to produce unusual, new and exciting arrangements is whetted.



German Design Award 2018 for ISLANDS

Again Noble china collection awarded

The ISLANDS porcelain collection for creative buffet set-ups has convinced another top jury. The outstanding design of the new Noble China collection has been awarded the German Design Award 2018 in the tabletop category. Every year the Design Council of his internationally renowned competition awards prizes to innovative products and projects as well as to leading German and international manufacturers and designers.   

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We keep on playing: PLAYGROUND 2.0

Now available through SCHÖNWALD

An open range packed with exciting pieces and accessories. Collected from every corner of the world or exclusively designed and realised with you in mind. A collection of refreshing accents, surprising eye-catchers and amazing stages for completely new ways of presenting fine foods. As an inspiring addition to your existing repertoire and an ideal playing field for the latest trends. Stoneware, wood, slate, plastics, cast iron, leather, marble and glass join with porcelain as perfect team mates to create harmonious table settings. Welcome to the playground of gastronomic freedom!

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With ISLANDS, the international world of buffet cuisine is discovering a refreshingly casual way of presentation. The key to it all is freshness. This is why the concept from the buffet specialist SCHÖNWALD is dedicated to the presentation of freshly prepared portions. ‘Less is more’, rather than ‘All you can eat’.

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Collection ISLANDS honoured with Red Dot Award

The new Noble China buffet ensemble inspires

Exceptional, organic design language for exclusive and creative buffet presentations: the
design concept of the new collection ISLANDS convinced the judging panel. In light of
this, the Noble China ensemble from SCHÖNWALD received the Red Dot Award in the
‘Product Design 2017’ category. The Red Dot is the biggest and most renowned design
 competition in the world. With over 5,000 submissions from around 60 nations, renowned
design and communication experts award prizes for the best creative achievements every year.
The collection ISLANDS comprises 11 pieces in the fine, soft shade BoneWhite. Just like
ALLURE, the first SCHÖNWALD collection in Noble China, ISLANDS captivates at a
glance with its delicate body and unique resilience. The ISLANDS collection is ideally
complemented by buffet products from the new table trend programme PLAYGROUND.